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Selling your business is a serious decision and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Owners of many of the largest and successful Raleigh businesses trust Transworld Business Advisors to confidently sell their businesses because of our years of experience. Transworld has become the gold standard of the business brokerage world over the last 40 years by selling more businesses each year than anyone.


Our Raleigh business brokers will set a confidential meeting to explain our 12 step process of selling your business. You will see many mid-street and smalled mid-street (under $1 million) businesses in our current listing inventory. Business owners from all sizes of Raleigh businesses trust us to get their businesses sold. 

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3 Important Factors When Selling Your Business


Accurate Business Valuation

Accurate Business Valuation

business broker Raleigh

Your competitors, customers, vendors, and employees do not need to know about your wishes to sell your business. You need a trusted advisor and someone that fully understands your baby/business.

Transworld Business Advisors is the respected industry standard globally. As a result, the number two, three, four & fifth-ranked business brokers combined are not growing as fast as Transworld. Trust, relationship, and results are why so many business owners are turning to Transworld to sell a business in Raleigh and around the world.

It’s important to keep things confidential throughout the entire process of selling your Raleigh business. Stakeholders in your business do not need to be anxious or sense instability. Although this can be difficult, it is imperative for the benefit of your business and everyone involved maintaining confidentiality.

Accurate Business Valuation

Accurate Business Valuation

Accurate Business Valuation

business broker Raleigh

Multiples of EBITDA, SDE, FFE, Inventory, Real Estate, and countless other details go into pricing and business valuations. If the ultimate goal is to list a business for a high amount and never sell it then there is no reason to seek consultation through a business advisor. If your goal is to list your business at the maximum amount that allows for a timely sell then use an advisor like Transworld.

You better believe that any potential buyer is going to look under the hood. Accountants know that numbers don’t lie and you better believe that your business numbers are going to be examined.

Financial records, equipment, inventory, leases, receivables are all components that can be impressive to potential buyers. These items can also tell and entirely tell another story, a negative one if not presented properly. 

Professional Service

Accurate Business Valuation

Professional Service

Transworld Business Advisors Raleigh NC

An estimated 4,500 individuals are looking to sell a business in Raleigh, NC each year. Researchers estimate that over 10 TRILLION DOLLARS in business assets will be transferred by 2025 as baby-boomers look to retire. The largest transition of business ownership in the history of the world is now upon us as boomers retire and younger generations abandon traditional employment career models.
Each month over 1,000 potential buyers are searching specifically for a business to buy in the Raleigh/Wake County Area. The secret is to get your business in front of these potential buyers as possible.
Many businesses are sold quickly while others sit on the market for years simply because business buyers are unaware that these businesses are even on the market.  Wise business owners wanting to sell their business also understand location combined with skilled expertise.

Choosing A Professional Business Broker

Experts estimate that over $10 trillion dollars of business transfers will take place by 2030 in the US. Business owners decide to sell their businesses for various reasons: health, retirement, burnout, boredom, family issues, and the list goes on.

One of the first steps business owners take is finding and securing a trusted business broker to assist them with the confidential sale of their business. Business owners can’t simply put a business for sale sign on their front door when they get ready to sell their business.

Business brokers help business owners with confidential marketing, valuation, vetting potential buyers, buyer/seller meetings, legal, accounting, due diligence, land sale or lease transfer negotiations, legal contracts, closing and much more. Business brokers do all of this so the business owner can continue to manage and grow their business.

Business broker Raleigh NC

Information Your Business Broker Will Need

Businesses for sale in Raleigh, NC

During your initial meeting with a business broker, your business broker will want to hear your story. This information will be of great importance during marketing. Every business and every business owner has a great story that needs to be shared.

Your business broker will also need some detailed business information: Tax records, lease info, expenses, annual revenue, owners benefits, employee’s information, franchise transfer if a business is a franchise, business legal name, hours of operation, FF&E value, the reason for sale, special license required to run business, seller financing details and a few other pertinent details.

These details will help your business broker provide you with a valuation range for you to determine a marketing price for your business. This information will also aid your business broker in creating your Executive Summary and Business Listing Information for marketing. You need to ask any potential business brokers to show you a few samples of their business marketing pieces.

1. Business Tax Returns

2. Recent Profit & Loss

3. Value of FF&E

4. Business Information

5. Lease or Real Estate Information

6. Motivation For The Sale

7. Business Owner's Desired Timeline

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